MDE-PTY | CM612 Clase Ejecutiva

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Copa CM612 (Boeing 737-700) seat 3F from MDE to PTY.
Flight time: 1 hour
Part of my redemption of 20,000 kris flyer miles from Medellin(MDE) through Panama(PTY) to Rio De Janeiro(GIG) in Business Class. The same trip would be 12500 kris flyer miles in Economy. Paid ticket one way was 600 USD, 500 roundtrip. Typical for this route and South America.


CM612 737-700 Business Class seats

Actually proper business class seats, compared to the typical business class seats in Europe on similar distances.


Offered predeparture drink with choice of Orange Juice or water. Later came around and informed about food choice and drink. Monica introduced herself and and said welcome aboard Mr Borvan. I went for Chicken Ravioli and Corona.(Unsure what she said for the second option was). Offered corona and a local beer. Smooth boarding
Hot towel 10 min into the flight. Some turbulence, so everyone rushed to eat in time. The ravioli was OK. Great service on short flight.

CM612 Clase Ejecutiva

Clase Ejecutiva Beer Glass
Clase Ejecutiva Beer Glass


Monica walked around the cabin and said hasta luego to everyone.

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